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250 straight days of Trailer Park Boys poetry.

06 December 2009


The Trailer Park Boys Haiku project has run its course. I hope you enjoyed reading these haiku (or more properly senryƫ) as much as we enjoyed writing them. Repeated viewings of TPB episodes, combined with a little bit of hash and a quart of rye, would undoubtedly inspire 250 more poems, but we must turn our attention to other matters. Thanks for visiting our site,

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

05 December 2009

Obvious persuasions

a cock-like mushroom
captures Trevor's attention -
we know why that is

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

04 December 2009

Bobandy's burgers

endless storage space -
he drove many into that
cheeseburger locker

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

03 December 2009


watch oot for the wamps
those dirty little bastards
they'll machine gun ya

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

02 December 2009

Old police trick

a solid beating
administered with phonebooks
will leave no bruises

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

01 December 2009

Best intentions

frozen for three hours
multiple slices of bread
now "comfort" me

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

30 November 2009


What, do you own space?
No, in fact, Naysa does...
they're rocket people

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

29 November 2009

One of those days

my milk substitute,
rum 'n coke on cereal -
the breakfast of champs

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

28 November 2009

The pain

my face is fucked
the tooth ache went on too long
jaw's now infected

Sunnyvale Trailer Park


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